The Matriarch’s Mansion

When the Sims 4 came out in 2014, I was mostly uninterested. On a whim, I purchased it when it was on sale for $5 and played it for a few hours. After that, it sat mostly forgotten. And then, when browsing YouTube one day, I found Kelsey Impicciche’s series on the 100 Baby Challenge. I was intrigued, and it inspired me to pick up the game again.

I’ve been a fan of the Sims franchise since it came out in 2000. I also played the second and third editions of the game. I stopped playing sometime before 2013, when my first child was born. After all, I had a young family and my own house to care for — no time for virtual ones!

The 100 Baby Challenge seemed like just that — a challenge. I didn’t have much experience with raising Sim children, let alone a house full of them. It took a while to find a strategy that worked for me, but now my “family” is established. As a result, they can afford to build sizable houses that meet their needs and then some.

This is the house I am currently playing in my game. I uploaded two versions of it to the gallery. The “regular” version has a basement level filled with luxuries like a gym, science lab, music room, work shop, and a dance club. There is also a very large underground garden, with some dragon fruit plants in place. I think it’s the price of the harvestables that drove the price up significantly.

The “lite” version omits the whole basement level. In place of the entrance to the underground garden is a small above-ground garden. It also has a dragon fruit plant. Dragon fruit plants yield big profits and are hard to come by, so feel free to delete them from the lot if you don’t want such an advantage.

I noticed two things after uploading these to the gallery, however. First, the outside steps seem to have disappeared from the lite version. Second, there is an item between the second and third beds in the “boys” room that makes the third bed inaccessible. Oops!

View on The Sims 4 Gallery
View on The Sims 4 Gallery (lite version)