Bathroom cleaning is a chore that not many people enjoy. They can be smelly, yucky, scummy, stubborn, anxiety-inducing, and difficult to keep up with. These difficulties can be amplified if you have children.

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I have two bathrooms in my home, and two young children. Having a clean home is a high priority for me. So, over the years I have come up with a few tricks that make my life easier and my bathroom cleaner.

Keeping counters and sinks clean

Water marks, toothpaste residue, spilled product. Sound familiar? My main bathroom has a shiny black counter top which seems to be always dirty. It shows everything. This “hack” isn’t terribly mind-blowing, but it is convenient.

I simply keep a microfiber cloth on a hook under the bathroom sink. Then, when I notice that the counter (or sink) could use a wipe, I do it. Easy as that. I don’t use anything aside from water for this, which is one less step. Having a cloth nearby saves time and makes it easy.

I have a 24 pack of Amazon Basic microfiber cloths which I use for most of my cleaning. However, the cloth in the picture below is the E-cloth bathroom cloth.

Keeping toilets clean

Toilets are probably everyone’s least favorite bathroom cleaning task. Toilet brushes are pretty gross. I don’t like the idea of having them around. In recent years, single-use toilet wands have become popular.

I bought the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush starter kit a few years ago, and I liked the concept. However, I did not like the cost of the refills, or the fact that they are single-use. I did reuse one heavy-duty refill multiple times, but I thought I could do one better.

My solution: cheap sponges from the dollar store. 10 for $1. If you use sponges in the kitchen, you can even retire your kitchen sponges to be “toilet cleaning sponges” when you would otherwise throw them away. A sponge could be used to clean multiple toilets.

The sponges I use fit nicely into the clip mechanism of my Scrubbing Bubbles wand, but you may have to fold the sponge to fit in. You also have to be careful not to scrub too vigorously, lest the sponge come out and you find yourself having to reach into the toilet!

Rinsing showers and tubs

I shared this tip with a Facebook group, and lots of people thought it was brilliant! Let me explain: my main bathroom has a separate bath tub and shower, and my shower head is not detachable. When I clean my shower and tub I cannot simply detach the shower head and use that to rinse.

Previously, I was throwing cupfuls of water on the walls, but that wasn’t very effective.

My new solution? A watering can. Fill it up once or twice and use it to rinse everything off.

You’re welcome.

3 bathroom cleaning hacks to make your life easier