I used cloth diapers on both of my boys with great success. My youngest is now three-and-a-half and totally potty trained, so we do not use diapers anymore. However, I still have not gotten rid of the diapers we have. They are still stacked in drawers in his room. I do plan on donating them to my local branch of Cloth for a Cause. But, after seeing my boys play with our old cloth diapers lately, I may keep a few around!

All of our diapers have snaps, and for little hands, they can be tricky to manage. My youngest does not (yet!) have the pinch strength to snap snaps, but thanks to playing with our diapers lately, my oldest (who is five-and-a-half) is able to do it by himself.

This means that he doesn’t ask me to put diapers on his teddies or dolls anymore. Plus, he can do it for his brother as well. I have seen toys with buckles, buttons, snaps, etc that are intended as dressing and fine motor skill development tools for young children. But, I like it better when I don’t have to buy anything extra!

Have you re-purposed anything in your home in a similar fashion?

Using cloth diapers to develop dressing & fine-motor skills