When my family takes a vacation, I keep the “junk” that accumulates during the trip. Things like ticket stubs, maps and brochures make their way home. I then usually either make a shadow box or some scrapbook pages with them. I like having the physical memorabilia of our time in addition to photos. It’s not clutter if it’s in a shadow box or scrapbook, right?

I even keep boarding passes. Since they are not as nice to look at as brochures, I previously kept them tucked away in the back of shadow boxes (behind the prettier items) until I had the idea to keep them in a dedicated shadow box so they could be admired on their own.

I bought this 12×12″ top-loading shadow box (which I would recommend over a back-loading-only one in this case) at Michaels, popped the back off, lined the backing with scrapbook paper, and dropped all of the boarding passes in. For our family of four, a vacation usually generates 16 boarding passes (four people, two flights, each direction) so they add up quickly.

If you look closely at the photo you may see a nearly-invisible paper airplane decal. That was my first time using Cricut frosted window cling… it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped! I should have used regular vinyl instead.

Using a shadow box to display boarding passes