The window in my kitchen is above the sink and there are cupboards on each side. I’ve been wanting to hang a valance for a while, but a traditional curtain rod was out of the question because I did not want to drill into either my window frame or cupboards. A tension rod might have worked, but I didn’t want to fight with getting it even, or deal with it falling down. After some thought this is what I came up with…

Supplies needed to make a curtain rod

(Ignore my awful dining room table–that is a project that I will tackle soon!)

I purchased the valance on Amazon, and snagged two 36″ wooden dowels (I found them by the paint counter) and two clear Command hooks from my closest Canadian Tire. Make sure that the hooks you choose can hold the weight of both the dowels and the curtain, and also that the dowel can fit comfortably in the hook. Since the curtain doesn’t open, the loose fit of the dowel in the hook was not a concern. If I were using two curtain panels, I may have used a third hook in the middle as well.

Step by step instructions

My window is wider than 36″, so the dowels needed to be attached together to make a wider rod. I just taped them with packing tape. It wouldn’t be visible anyway. I marked off the length that I wanted (slightly smaller than the window opening; I didn’t want to have to jam it in) and then cut the dowel with a band saw. A manual saw would have worked just as well since the dowel isn’t very thick. (Oops, I guess I lied when I said there were no tools involved!)

When placing the Command hooks on my window casing, I aligned them flush with the very top. This way, I didn’t need to fuss with leveling anything. I made sure that the hook didn’t get in the way of removing the window screen either.

Shimmy your curtain onto your makeshift rod, pop it in the hooks, and voilà! An easy to install curtain rod that won’t leave any holes!

Edit, February 12, 2019: I have noticed that my makeshift curtain rod is sagging where I attached the two dowels. This is probably because I only used tape to attach them. I would recommend using glue or something more sturdy.

How to hang a curtain without drilling holes