Hiking in Duncan’s Cove

Two weeks ago my family went on a hike to Duncan’s Cove in Nova Scotia. It was sunny and not too cold, though it was a bit wet in spots. We had to remind the kids not to walk on ice, lest they break through and soak their boots.

While we were here we also picked up a few geocaches. We used to geocache quite a bit before the kids were born. However, having babies and young kids made it hard to get ones that weren’t easily accessible. Little legs can’t walk for long and have a hard time navigating over vegetation and rocks.

Quentin (who is not quite 3.5) doesn’t like to walk too much, preferring to be carried, but he did quite well. We had a few comments from other Duncan’s Cove hikers about how well both boys were managing. If only they had seen us a few minutes later, they would have seen Quentin enjoying the view from dad’s shoulders.