I am a naturally tidy person. I find mess and disorder chaotic and stressful. As a result, my home is usually tidy and organized. I don’t judge those who keep untidy homes; I just choose to dedicate more of my free time to it than some others may. Up until this week, I would take time during the day and before bedtime to help the kids pick up their play spaces (play room, bedrooms, living rooms) so that my house was clean before I went to bed each night.

This week? I decided to give fewer fucks. It was a bit liberating. I just kicked the toys into their bedrooms and play room (I did keep the living rooms tidy) and closed the doors. Done. The kids only live with me at my house every other week (they spend every other week at their dad’s), so once they shift homes I can tidy up and keep it that way for a solid week.

Since I am pretty good about everything having a place, it won’t take too long to clean up. Right now, it’s a bit of a disaster…

What about you? Do you clean up toys every day, or less frequently?