Board games and puzzles can be tricky to organize and store. The boxes are often different sizes. But, puzzle organization is easily achieved by removing them from their original boxes. Pieces can be put into zip-lock bags and/or some other modular container. Personally, I put puzzles into baggies and then have one plastic bin to put those into. You can also cut the image from the front of the box to put in the bag as well.

When my kids (my oldest in particular) do puzzles, they like to do all of them. All over the floor. At the same time. This makes me a bit nervous because my youngest is a threenager and tends to destroy things. What if he went full Godzilla mode on the living room floor and mixed those pieces up?

I think I found a solution…

Puzzle organization labelling

(Not a very good photo, but I think you can see what I’m getting at!)

Mark the backs of the pieces with a symbol! Obviously, every puzzle will have a unique symbol. This way, if multiple puzzles’ pieces get mixed up, they will be easy to sort. You won’t have to do X number of puzzles simultaneously, or guess, to sort them.

Also, if a piece happens to get missed during clean-up time, it can quickly make its way back to its home.

Do you have any puzzle or toy organization/cleaning hacks like this? I’d love to hear them!

Puzzle organization hack